Studio Marco Tricomi

The personal contact with the client is the first part of our job that allows us to fully grasp the business' needs and to consequently offer personalized solutions. We create a story based on the product.


We partner dynamically with the most important international fashion agencies choosing the most adequate professionals for each shooting.

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Along with our photographers we choose the most evocative location and we handle the styling and research of the accessories. We coordinate the staff for photo-shootings in Italy and abroad.

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Every image is edited with Photoshop and retouched in its every element; the clothing items, the set, the lights, the colors, the contrasts...there is a trick but the ability is to make it invisible.

Stop for a second and try to find the difference

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The design of the catalogue, the ability to choose and mix the images to create elegant and modern brochures.

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Total Control

Every single step is carefully overseen by the graphic designers and specialists before printing the brochures or launching the website online.

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The Catalogue

Ours is an hands-on job: the realization of the finished product, the choice of the paper, the manufacture, the print.
A unique style faithful to the initial concept.


Video Editing

When we realize the shootings we also film fashion and backstage videos. Along with our video makers we follow the editing of the main scenes and the most representatives items of the collection creating fast and rhythmic videos able to have a great impact on any device for Tv, web, shops, exhibitions etc.

video making

Website & Update

Each graphic element is transformed and readapted to be visible on the web from any device.